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From the homepage, you can use the navigation bar to visit the following: Salary and Travel Reimbursement Application, Other Expenditure Information,Financial Reports and Other Reports. The navigational bar will be visible on each screen within the Open Georgia website should you need to return to the home page at anytime during your visit.


1. Home: Will direct you back to Open Georgia's homepage

2. Search Applications:

• Salaries and Travel Reimbursements

• Other Expenditure Information

3. Reports:

• Financial Reports

• Other Reports

4. Contact:

• For general Open Georgia questions, or questions about money spent at an entity, please contact 1-800-georgia, or the local number 678-436-7442 and you will be forwarded to that entity's contact.

• State Financial Reports:

o For the budget in brief please contact the Office of Planning and Budget at 404-656-3820.

o For financial reports including: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Budgetary Compliance, and Single Audit, please contact the State Accounting Office at 404-651-7802 or by Email at sao_reporting@sao.ga.gov .

• For questions regarding program reviews from the past five years including Performance Audits, Program Evaluations, and Special Examinations please contact the Department of Audits and Accounts at 404-657-5220 or by Email at paoinfo@audits.ga.gov.

• If you are having trouble with the Open Georgia website and need technical assistance please send inquiries to help@open.ga.gov .

5. Help:

• Help / Tips

• Glossary of Terms


• Site Description

• Give Us Your Feedback


Help Menu:


The help menu provides search help/tips, a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions, a site description, and a place for you to provide your feedback about the website and its contents. The help menu will be visible on each screen within the Open Georgia website.